Saturday, 9 November 2013

While on a stroll around the paddocks, we spotted an open gate, which we knew had been closed by my better half the day before. We are fussy about gates being closed properly, as previous painful experience proved a a powerful educator. Nothing like a a mob of boisterous cattle rampaging among the fruit trees and over your garden to drive the point home, eh!

The following day, I was spraying thistles and noticed bullock No. 82 manipulating the gate latch with his tongue. Although we had wondered how the gate had been opened the previous day, I wasn't prepared to believe that one of the paddock-guests was capable of removing the gate latch with his tongue. But there he was, tongue curling and slobbering, jiggling the latch until finally it dropped and hung on its chain. 

Those of us fortunate enough to have opposing digits can open these latches relatively easily, but I'd defy anyone to do it with his tongue!

Bullock No. 82 will bear watching - and I might have to consider getting him an education!

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