Wednesday, 20 November 2013

At a BBQ on Saturday to honour daughter Kathryn's birthday, granddaughter Meaghan and her Dad Ricky enjoy a light-hearted moment. For those who may think otherwise, Meaghan is merely toying with the bottle - not bent on consuming its contents.

 Siblings Caitlin and Meaghan.

Birthday girl Kathryn with her husband Daniel. The intent look from my youngest can only be interpreted as, "Gee, Dad's a pest with that camera."
Twins Bailey and Caitlin with their brother Cameron doing what kids do best at family functions - ripping into quantities of ice-cream and jelly.

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  1. Hi twinies (gasp) ICE CREAM AND JELLY LUCKY !!!!!
    I normally just have ice cream I have arrived and I am not telling who I am, can you guess who?
    Hint: HFL