Saturday, 2 November 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Thrush decided to raise their offspring in the rose bush right in front of the house this year. Unfortunately for the occupants of the eggs, Mrs. Thrush is constantly being scared off by our frequent passage past the nest.

Proud father treated us to an hour's worth of inspired song. 


  1. Bird's nests with eggs in are one of those sights of nature I always enjoy. I hope Mrs. Thrush manages to incubate them to full-term. About 2 weeks apparently. Then Mr. Thrush will have a trio of back-up vocals.

  2. Make the most of your freedom Mr Thrush. A few sleepless nights of incessant crying and pooey napp's and you wont be feeling so chirpy........Mind you., you fellas don't have teething issues, but them feathers must prickle abit when they come through!

  3. name a boy fred and girls tu'e and Hayli

    1. That sounds like a good idea! I could also name them something like Cameron, Talor, Meaghan, Joshua, Caitlin, Rebekah or Bailey!!! Assuming they hatch.

      I'd have to put all the names in a hat and get Louie to pick the names.