Saturday, 23 November 2013

Great excitement today when one of the twins discovered a fantail youngster on his first foray from the nest. Anxious parents tended their kid whenever they could find space among the nosy humans.

The absence of a tail didn't deter him from flying, and he made a short hop to the trailer attached to the farmbike. He flew in a manner resembling a bumblebee - furiously beating wings and a slow methodical advance.
By pressing my finger against his breast, he accepted a ride on my hand, while his supremely handsome features were recorded for posterity on my camera. He then flew off and perched on a nearby shed where his parents were able to refuel him and coax him into a tree. Great excitement for three 10-year old granddaughters - and granddad, too! 

You can see what he will look like when he grows up on my New Zealand birds page.

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