Friday, 15 November 2013

 It is the time of roses. 
Rose bush after rose bush bursting forth in a display of colour, beauty and perfume, almost as if in competition.

 It is also the time of the sprouting of vegetables. Unfortunately, Bertie Blackbird's and Tomasi Thrush's communities consider any young shoots fair game, as can be seen on the left-hand end of the row of beans. So the project for the day has been to construct a couple of bird-netting frames in an attempt to increase our share of the spoils of the garden. We live in hope that the new frame will be an improvement on the one in the upper part of the picture
"Er, hullooo. Did I sleep in?"
The first blossoms appeared on the nashi tree at least a couple of months ago, and have since transformed into rapidly developing fruit. Just what inspired this late bloom can only be surmised at.

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