Sunday, 29 September 2013

A quiet Sunday stroll inspecting the progress of the wildlife in their spring rites. There has been a Paradise Shelduck nesting in a hole at the base of a Lombardy poplar tree, and today, on inspection she was gone. It didn't take long, however, before we came across the anxious parent trying to distract us from where she had hidden the kidlets.

On our meanderings, we very briefly saw a bird that appeared to be about 200mm long and was a dark brown. I did manage to catch it on the camera, but unfortunately it wasn't focused and all we can see is a blurred outline, with a wingspan much greater than we thought.

A close examination of our bird books did not relieve our curiosity, so I suppose we will just have to keep revisiting the spot in the hope that we see it again.


  1. hurry up and send more of Luie cos I think he needs the attention!!!!!!!

    From: Hayli Filoreta Lucas.

  2. I will ask Louie if he would mind. He is definitely a bit of a showman, and probably won't mind a bit. I'll check him out today.