Friday, 4 October 2013

By popular request (see comment in previous post) I have visited Louie and persuaded him to appear again on the blog. He was bit reluctant at first, as he was being inspected by the boarders, who wondered what he was. 

 "Hi, kids. I hope you don't mind if I scratch my butt on this plow."

 "Can you believe that this thing doesn't know I'm a sheep! Get out of the road, buster, or get run over!"

"Look at me! All four feet off the ground!"

"Can I come into your place and eat the roses? Pleease?" 

"Louie, you're a skite!"


  1. luie I hope your but will now not be itchy because my granddad uses that plow and he might need to sharpen it now!!!!!!!
    From: Hayli Lucas

  2. I'm sure his wool is not abrasive enough to blunt the plow, Hayli. Anyway, the bulamakau have been easing their itches on it, too.

  3. I can't believe I spelled 'plough', 'plow'.

    The insidious Americanisation of the English language. Even the spell checker, set to "English (United Kingdom)" still insists I'm spelling 'plough' incorrectly.

    Down with the mangling of English! Microsoft English is not the final arbiter!