Friday, 20 September 2013

"I'm here for lunch. What are you here for?"

Whilst Louie was checking out the inside of the woolshed, Percy and Priscilla Pigeon were dining on young and tender plum tree shoots. They get so full and heavy, the branches seem hardly robust enough to support their weight.

"Oi! How close are you coming, man?"

It a quite magic experience, watching the delicate play of light on the feathers of our birds. There is an infinite variety of colours displayed as the angle and intensity of illumination varies.


  1. Click on the pic (if you haven't already)

  2. I see alot of rainforest birds where I work out the back of Coffs Harbour and the Wompoo pigeon resembles the Wood pigeon, only it feeds almost exclusively on laurel berrys both native and non-native.Really similar in habit though. I read some time ago that Wood pigeon populations fluctuate with the fruitng of the Podocarps. One large old growth Rimu can produce 20kg of fruit and this increase in fruiting occurs only roughly every 10-20 years witth a corresponding fluctuation in pigeon populations.
    Great photos Sir David Attenbourgh Lucas

    1. Thanks for your kind words about my photos, AVM Biggles. When I understand this blogging bizzo a little better, I'd like to have a separate page with some of my other bird photos on it. I even have some Orstrailian ones.

      Interesting comment on the Wompoo Pigeon. Ptilinopus magnificus. I see that it is also called the Wompoo fruit dove, The Fiji Many-coloured fruit dove bears some similarity, indeed, has the same genus - Ptilinopus perousii. Lovely bird.