Sunday, 20 October 2013

Yesterday I was very pleased to join a motley crew on a jaunt through the jungle with a few of the remaining Pacific Harbour Hash House Harriers.

Once in the jungle, I found it quite strange to recognise an individual tree among hundreds. "Hi, Tree." sez I, "Long time no see."   This elicited a few well-aimed jibes and jeers as we slid and slithered down a steep slope on a bed of millions of mahogany leaves. One had to be careful not to get too much way on as, at the bottom, was a solid-rock lined pool, which, while probably being quite refreshing, may have proved a bit hard on the head, being also quite shallow.

One of the intrepid Hashers, namely One Hung Low, managed to place herself in front of a hornet, innocently going about its business. The poor hornet, unable to change direction in time had to fend off the human with the pointy end of his abdomen. The resulting cry of "Hornets!!"  caused Ding Dong to levitate backwards so quickly that he almost knocked poor Big Bags into the swamp. After checking (carefully!) that we were not going to cause any more inconvenience to the hornet fraternity, we continued up to the top of a hill from which viewpoint we were able to enjoy a refreshing breeze and a great view over the Beqa Channel. Freezing Nuts then let us in a roundabout way back to his hacienda beside Queens Road where we enjoyed a refreshing brown fizzy liquid that, curiously, comes in brown, long-necked bottles. 

Freezing Nuts possesses a tree in his garden that I'd never seen before, which had long stems hanging from it with large numbers of nuts attached. We tried some and they were really quite nice.  Known as 'Vutu Kana', or 'Cut Nut'. 

Blogging has been a bit slow due to other commitments. 

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