Wednesday, 12 February 2014

To begin stage one of our trip south, we left home at about 07:30 and headed up the valley and crossed over the Stanleybrook, through Tapawera and hooked a right at the Kohatu pub.

At Inangahua we turned left to continue to Greymouth via Reefton. It is possible to get to Greymouth by turning right and going past Westport and down the coast. The drive down the coast from Westport is particularly beautiful, and I put up some photos of it for this portion of the trip. They were taken in August 2008.

 Pororari River at Punakaiki

 Looking south along the coast from Pancake Rocks

 Blowhole at Pancake Rocks

Pancake Rocks again. Blowhole blowing.

A walk around the Pancake Rocks is a well-worthwhile endeavour and shouldn't be missed if you're ever travelling in these parts. 

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