Friday, 14 February 2014

Stage Two: Waitaha Valley to Cardrona.
After Marty had disappeared to spread urea over the farm, we said goodbye to Trish and began the last leg to Cardrona where daughter Susan had booked a house for a week.

The first township (population 3) was Pukekura, which boasted a souvenir/coffee shop and some imported wildlife. (Note to non-New Zealand readers, there are only two mammal species native to New Zealand; two species of bat.)

 Himalayan Tahr
Hemitragus jemlahicus

 Son-in-law enjoys hunting these chaps

Red Deer stag
Cervus elaphus

There is no doubt that New Zealand is a beautiful country, especially South Island, and this was proved over and over as we traveled south. Hardly five minutes' drive south of Pukekura and there lay beautiful Lake Ianthe.
 Lake Ianthe

 Lake Ianthe

 Lake Ianthe

 Cattle yards near Whataroa River

Lake Wahapo


  1. Stunning landscape, Dad. I think I should move to the South Island to improve my odds of seeing it for myself sometime. :)
    That's a lot of snow for summer, or are they winter shots?
    - PAL

  2. Yes, a bit of a cheat. Have supplemented the pics with some earlier shots.

    A move south would be a good thing, I reckon. See you soon!