Friday, 11 September 2015

With the arrival of our new family member, Sam, we are reminded that dogs have owners and that cats have servants! Our daughter, Kathryn and her husband Daniel recently changed jobs, lifestyle and locale and it was thought that Sam, being the big softy that he is, would not make the move very easily, so he has come to live with us.

After an initial settling in period, kept inside for the first two weeks, hiding under beds and behind curtains, he has ventured out and checked out the woolshed and the wood pile.

 "My servants must have caught all the rats - can't smell any here."

 Some of the locals are not that impressed with the new immigrant, however, and are keeping a watchful eye out for any hostile moves.

 "Cripes, this catnip is driving me nuts!"

I rather suspect that the introspective look may indicate plotting how he can get is new servants to prepare a repast of bird pie.

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