Thursday, 23 July 2015

Mid January 2015

Time for a farewell to her summer friends before returning to her Pacific Paradise.

 A final feed for her fowl friends.
Hayli with Comet, named not because he was fast, but for the fact that he was Hayli's!

So good bye to her farm friends and a 5-hour drive to Christchurch to catch the plane back to Fiji. First, though, a visit to Orana Park before going to the airport.

Our Fiji girl quickly made friends (with the appropriate vegetative bribes) with some fairly tall inhabitants.  Sorry, Hayli, no room on the plane for this one.

 To make a start on her wildlife photo collection, she borrowed my camera for these shots.

After we had farewelled Hayli into the care of Airport staff, we were obliged to wait until the plane had taken off before we too could leave for my brother Marty's place on the West Coast enroute for home. Imagine our consternation when the Customs Hall was cleared of all people and four aeroplanes flying internationally, and the Hall, were searched for an electrician's misplaced screwdriver. Flights were not allowed to resume until the errant screwdriver was tracked down. It was eventually found and flights were allowed to proceed and we were able to leave for the Coast. 

Things have changed somewhat. When my father owned and operated a small airline business in the 1950s, his lady employee checking off passengers into the company's Dominie at Haast, said to them, "Hang on a tic,"  picked up her .303 rifle and dropped a couple of deer on the other side of the airstrip where they had wandered from the adjacent bush.

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