Sunday, 10 August 2014

Last Saturday, being grandson Joshua's 13th birthday, made an ideal excuse for a gathering of the clans - our three daughters and their families - here at the farm. The only ones missing being the clan living in Fiji, and granddaughter, Meaghan.

Even though it was cold, and later, wet, the farm provided an ideal playground for town kids to get out and about - making huts and finding creepy-crawlies under rotten tree branches and rocks - topped off later by a rabbit hunt with their Uncle Daniel.

Whilst your scribe prefers a good roast for dinner a fairly high percentage of the gathered tribe love their lasagne and salad - besides, it was birthday boy's choice as well. Two competing cooks provided equally delicious examples.

 Lasagne time. My homebrew Dark Ale wasn't bad, either

 Identical twins Bailey and Caitlin with cousin Joshua and brother Cameron tucking in to their favourite nosh. 

 Wet but happy. The hunters return. (Daniel reports that when it began to rain, the girls wouldn't hear of coming back to the house.)

Happy teenager, Joshua,  cutting his high calorie birthday special.

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