Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Give it heaps, Hayli!

Hayli enjoying a go on the same swing her father and and her aunties enjoyed for many years. Some of her father's (slightly younger) cousins also grew up trying to lift the legs off the ground. Although we thought a hundred bucks was a bit much in 1975, we figure, allowing for inflation, that each swing cost is down to about 1 millionth of a cent!


  1. Oh for the taste of a Moorpark Apricot........Our stone fruit here ain't that flash.
    There was a an interview on 'Landline' national radio the other morning that was highlighting the new stone fruit varieties that aren't suseptable to splitting when ripening e.g. Cherries are notorious for it. Its very simple ....they are now developing cherries that have less sugar content and thus they don't split ...no sugar...no taste....sigh!
    Mangoes look good here this year though.

  2. Just had the first apricot this morning. Very nice. A few are starting to get a bit of brown rot, though. Doggone!